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10 Best Video Collage Ideas to Make Your Content Stand Out

According to Google’s recent research, 79% of people state that video streaming platforms make them feel happy. Video content is expected to monopolize the content market in the coming years. You can use a video maker tool to create video collages, as it has become the latest trend that helps attract customers’ attention and conveys your message effectively.

Video collages are an amusing and impressive way of making the content look natural and exciting. This fact certainly motivates marketers who plan to use videos in their marketing campaigns. You can put together multiple frames to make the video look attractive and engaging for the audience. As per a report by Hubspot, around 86% of businesses began using videos as a marketing strategy.

What is a video collage?

It is a merger of videos or photos in which you can add some background music as per the content. You can use this best video collage maker, this tool can be created easily using readymade templates or layouts available with the video maker.

10 best video collage ideas to make your content stand out

Here are some of the best video collage-making ideas to create unique videos and stand out from your competitors. These tips will help you create intriguing video collages in a matter of minutes:

  1. Side by side collage: This is one of the most effortless video collages to make, as all you need to do is insert the content side by side in a separate video. This can be an ideal collage if you wish to focus on two elements of the same topic to make viewers’ perceptions clearer and provide them with a better understanding. 

For example, on one side of the video, you can show the preparation of diet food, and the other side of the video could display the list of ingredients and the recipe. Therefore, you can use side-by-side videos for reaction videos, comparison, and collaborative videos.

  1. Overlapping collage: This collage is made by overlapping photos or videos on each other at different angles. This type of video collages can prove to be the best for showing a passage of time, for example, where you started your journey, where you are at present, and much more.

You can also use this collage for making a product portfolio. For example, if you want to show your product to the audience, you can create an overlapping collage, show it from different angles, and highlight its various features to make it more pleasing. You can use an overlapping collage to create travel videos to show how the same place looks in different seasons.

  1. Collage of a video over a video background: This type of video collage makes a better impact than regular, plain videos. You can use an animated background and set a mood that will go best with the whole message that you want to convey. For example, you can create a real estate video using the collage of a video over a video background. You can create a video showing your property. The main collage can be used to mention its specifications.
  1. Video with still image collage: Relationships always lie close to our hearts. We all want our professional and personal relationships to flourish and evolve. This can be done by creating an eCard using the video with still image collage. Sending eCards can surprise your loved ones and your loyal customers as well.
  1. Addition of a thumbnail in the video collage: Thumbnail is a smaller variant of a large image or video. You can add a thumbnail collage in the main collage, which can be pretty effective. You can do this in DIY, screencast, or tutorial videos. This type of video collage works best if you wish to interpret a concept or create a video tutorial. That is an excellent way of making your customers understand the concept in detail.

Making a collage of thumbnails on recorded videos aids in explaining things comprehensively, so use these collages to make your content stand out, which would help generate more traffic to your site.

  1. Video inside a shape mask collage: Undoubtedly, the demand for videos is increasing like crazy. Thus you can use these videos to promote your products effectively. But how to provide your customers with explicit data and make unique videos every day? Using a video collage can help you do so. 

You can give your videos an artistic touch using the brush effect. Put the image of your product inside a shape with a brush effect; it will surely give a tweak to your basic videos.

  1. Slideshow type image collage: You can collate various pictures and then create a slideshow video for any occasion or event for presentation. This type of collage is apt for surprising your loved ones on special occasions or for product launches, company events, etc. There are an array of templates available on multiple online video makers; all you need to do is put the images together to create a sequence of videos.

For example, you can show the product’s manufacturing process, starting from raw material procurement, storage, production process, packaging, and delivery.

  1. Create a poll video with a collage: Bid goodbye to those boring videos and make interesting poll videos using this collage. In this collage, you can place the image or video of both the products side by side so that it becomes easier for the audience to make a comparison. This is perfect for competitions such as music, singing, fancy dress, etc., where one video will play first and then the second. It is an excellent way of getting polls from your audience.
  1. A collage of a video and animated text: It is no more a dream or hassle to create a fantastic intro and outro for your video. It can be done seamlessly using video collage maker tools. You need to select this template, and half your work is done. This video collage is recommended for people who want the best intro for their event.
  1. Use shapes for creating a video collage: This is the simplest video collage, and you can make a fantastic video using this template. There are numerous readymade templates for producing such video collages, and this collage idea certainly helps make your content stand out.

All you need to do is choose the appropriate shape and drop the video, use a neutral background, add the text, and if required, you can also add music as per your content.

These were some of the best video collage ideas that can help make your content different and attractive compared with your competitors. You can use any of them as per your content and business requirements.

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