14 inch MacBook Pro with mini-LEDs soon, new MacBook Air later?

14 inch MacBook Pro with mini-LEDs soon, new MacBook Air later?

The MacBook Pro will be equipped with mini-LED displays this year: These new panels could give sales figures a huge boost in perspective. According to reports, the MacBook Air will not be converted until next year.

According to forecasts, Apple has long been planning to use mini-LED displays in its products, reported. Compared to OLEDs or even LCDs, these offer better contrasts while consuming less power.
This year is that MacBook Pro (Affiliate-Link) turn, forecast Digitimes magazine.

In the late second or third quarter of 2021, Apple will introduce a 14-inch MacBook Pro in a completely new design and a 16-inch MacBook Pro, both models will be equipped with mini LEDs. Mini-LEDs are also to receive the new versions of the 11-inch and 12.8-inch iPad Pro, this was already suspected in advance.

MacBook Air won’t get the new displays until next year

The MacBook Air will not receive an update until 2022, during which it will be equipped with a mini LED display. The increased production prices do not necessarily have to be passed on to the end customer, since Apple can also save considerable costs by developing its own silicon chips.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo‌, the new chips and displays can lead to a phenomenal increase in sales of Apple’s MacBooks by 100% within three years. Other market observers, like us in one today, also expect sales of the Mac to continue to rise previous message had reported. In addition to technical improvements, the ongoing corona pandemic continues to drive sales.

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