3 Secure Platforms for Trading Bitcoins – Beginner’s Guide

3 Secure Platforms for Trading Bitcoins - Beginner's Guide

As the cryptocurrency market has exploded in recent years, more and more people have made the decision to get involved. When a person decides to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for the first time, some of the most common questions they ask themselves are: How can I make sure my investments are safe? How do I keep my assets safe?

They ask such questions for a good reason, as there are real risks and dangers of trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. As more money has flowed into the global crypto market, it has unfortunately led to fraudsters and hackers also seeking refuge there. You just need to learn about the action platform Mt. Gox’s history and doom to understand that it is perfectly reasonable for people to demand safe and secure trading platforms.

Fortunately, this demand has been met with a number of alternatives. As the cryptocurrency industry has grown and matured over the years, secure and legitimate trading platforms have emerged that have made it easy and safe to both buy and sell various cryptocurrencies.

However, if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, it can be difficult to know which platforms can be used, as even those platforms that are shady and dangerous do their best to try to appear legitimate and secure in an attempt to deceive you. . So therefore, it might be wise to have a quick review of some of the safest platforms to use.

Here are 3 secure platforms where you can start trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies:


Kraken has been around since 2011 and has since been one of the most popular trading platforms. Making the platform safe and secure for its users has always been one of their top priorities.

Here are just a few of the key security features Kraken offers its users:

  • All your personal information and all your data is encrypted.
  • 2FA (two-factor authentication).
  • SSL encryption to ensure secure browsing on Kraken’s website.
  • Any suspicious activity is constantly monitored.
  • Encrypted email and communication.
  • Chat and email support for any urgent issues.


Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It has been around for a decade and during that time has built and developed a truly secure platform that is constantly being improved and where additional security measures are constantly being added.

Some of the security measures you can expect as a customer of Coinbase:

  • 2FA (two-factor authentication).
  • Secure offline storage to protect your digital assets.
  • Crypto assets stored on Coinbase’s servers are protected by insurance.
  • All Coinbase employees undergo background checks.
  • Encryption of all personal data and of all sensitive data.


You may have heard of it in the mass media, as in just a few short years Binance has been founded and risen to become one of the largest trading platforms in the world. There are already many millions of people around the world who trust Binance to protect their trading and crypto investments.

Here’s what Binance has to offer you when it comes to security:

  • 2FA (two-factor authentication).
  • Binance’s own Trust Wallet which guarantees secure and private storage and use of cryptocurrencies.
  • Use of artificial intelligence to maintain the integrity of each account and transaction.
  • A team of highly qualified and professional data and risk management staff.

Help and Guidance From Experts

Since this is only a very short and introductory guide, it might be a good idea for you to try to find more knowledgeable and experienced individuals who can learn more about cryptocurrency security, and who can help you get started trading and invest in a way that is safe and secure for both you and your money. Over on platform so they have gathered professionals who can help you with just this. After a quick and easy registration, they will introduce you to a person who will act as your private advisor and broker.

Making money with the help of Best VPS for forex traders bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is entirely possible, as evidenced by the fact that many people have done so. But just as there are people who have become winners in the crypto world, there are also thousands of people who have lost money due to fraudsters and hackers, and the truth is that many of these cases could have been prevented if the victims had been a little more careful. You do not have to be one of the losers. You can be one of the winners. But you will not be able to become one if you do not take this seriously and do it responsibly and learn more about how to securely trade in cryptocurrencies.

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