Ahead of Apple quarterly figures: UBS raises sales forecast

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Before the publication of Apple’s quarterly figures tomorrow, Wednesday evening, the various large banks and analysts are putting their forecasts into position. Most are optimistic about the quarterly conference and raise their forecasts again shortly beforehand, including the major Swiss bank UBS.

Apple will present its figures for Q1 2021 tomorrow, Wednesday evening German time, and an excellent result is generally expected. This optimism is fueling the fantasies of investors and analysts. In the run-up to the quarterly figures, David Vogt at UBS has once again made his forecast for Apple’s sales and profits customized. In a recent note, he is now assuming revenue of around $ 106.9 billion in the past quarter, while his institute had previously guessed $ 98.9 billion in revenue.

The strong revenue will be driven primarily by the strong demand for the iPhone, says the UBS man. He assumes that around 78.5 million units have recently been sold and thus corrects his last estimate by five million units upwards.

Mac second strong driver in the quarter

The Mac will also increase its share of the quarterly result, the analyst continued. In his outlook, he expects around 6.9 million units to be sold recently, an increase of around 3%. The Mac could generate around $ 9.5 billion in revenue for the quarter, up 10%. Sales benefit from the large margin for the iPhone and Mac, while the iPhone has recently seen an increase in the average price per device sold, which analysts are always pleased to see. The average price recently stood at $ 812.
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50, driven up by the strong demand for the iPhone 12 Pro models. UBS sees the iPhone 12 making up 75% of sales of the iPhone 12.

For the current year, UBS is now assuming around 215 million iPhones sold, which would be an increase of around 13.
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5% after 190 million units sold in 2020.

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