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Good Morning all! It looks bad for the AirPods 3. A launch in March is becoming increasingly unlikely. In return, iOS may soon learn to import security updates more quickly. So welcome to the early overview.

Recently there were signs that Apple might use the AirPods 3 not to be launched anytime soon will. Now another source is joining the same horn. A well-known leaker don’t dream anymore of AirPods in the near future. This is not good news for customers who have been waiting for the new generation.

Apple is working on a new way to distribute security updates

Most users keep iOS up to date. However, it could be faster if an urgent security patch is to be distributed. A corresponding innovation is apparently currently being prepared for iOS, you can read more about it here.

Apple’s app tracking ban is to be circumvented

The new option for users to prohibit apps from being tracked across apps is not only a thorn in the side of Facebook. In China, a broad alliance has now come together that wants to circumvent this new requirement from Apple. The company may also hardly be able to effectively prevent this, here you can read more details.

In short

What else was important

In Russia, starting April, the government will be able to select a range of apps to install by default on every iPhone when it ships. The user can cancel or adjust this selection afterwards, but how many users will do that? Read more about it here.

There is no longer any signal in China.

The secure messenger has recently been revealed blocked in the Middle Kingdom. Telegram and Threema can only be used under difficult conditions. Instagram and Facebook have long been on the index, whether and when something will change for the better at Signal is open.

Apple TV + could get its first Oscars.

They were already successful at the Golden Globes, and now Apple TV + could also win at the Oscars. At least two originals have already been nominated, more here. Can you understand this nomination?

With that I wish you a relaxed Wednesday.

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