AirPods Max has a battery problem, do you guys too?

AirPods Max: unboxing and first impression

The AirPods Max apparently often surprise their owners with an empty battery. The battery often drains overnight for affected users, even if the AirPods Max are stowed in Apple’s case. Are you also observing the problem?

Apple’s AirPods Max (Short test) recently annoyed their owners with a bug related to power management. The battery charge level rushes from 100% to 0 in a short time.

Users report variously, including in Apple’s own Support community over fully or at least almost discharged AirPods Max (Affiliate link) the morning after charging the headphones to 100% or 90% the previous evening.

Particularly disturbing here: the battery empties even though the AirPods Max were placed in Apple’s own carrying case. This case has something special about it: It not only serves as a container for transporting the AirPods Max, if the headphones are in it, an extreme energy-saving mode is also activated for the AirPods Max, which pauses all active radio connections. Outside the case, this mode is only activated after some time, at least that’s how it should be.

In practice, however, there currently seems to be a problem that may be related to a software update that Apple distributed to the AirPods Max in mid-December.

Various tricks can sometimes help

The problem apparently increases when the AirPods Max are used with more than one device, such as an iPhone and an Apple TV, or with non-Apple devices. There are no reliable ways to get rid of it, but some tricks have helped some users.

This includes restarting the AirPods Max. To do this, the digital crown and the button for ANC control must be pressed and held until the light turns orange.

If that doesn’t help, doing a factory reset may help, this requires holding the buttons until the light turns white.

Manually disconnecting the connection after use in the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone or deactivating the automatic device change also helped some users.

It is not clear when and whether Apple will remedy this. How about you: Observer you have similar problems and what has helped you?

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