AirPods Max has received its second update – here is the 3C39

AirPods Max has received its second update - here is the 3C39

Apple has released a new update to the AirPods Max headphones. This is the second update since the headphone model was launched earlier in December 2020.

Unfortunately, it is customary for Apple not to disclose any news that updates to the Airpods series have. However, it usually does not take long before users find changes.

We already know that users have reported battery issues with AirPods Max. So it’s not surprising if Apple has fixed this with the 3C39.

There are growing reports of a battery drain problem on the and elsewhere. Some owners are reporting that their headphone battery is draining from 100% to 1% or 0% overnight, even when left inside the official Apple case designed to drop them quickly into ultra-low power mode.
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Other common changes are increased stability with better connection to, for example, mobile phones, changes in sound quality and general bug fixes.

You can not choose whether or not to install the new software. It is also not possible to force an update. Everything happens automatically when your headphones are connected to an iPhone or iPad.

If you want to know whether your AirPods Max has been updated or not, you can check it in your connected mobile or tablet:

  1. Connect the headphones to a compatible mobile phone or tablet
  2. Go to Settings> Go to General
  3. Choose About> Tap your Airpods headphones

You will now see one of two firmware versions:

If you have the top one, your Airpods Max will use the latest version, with all the benefits offered.

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