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Alan Wake Remastered in progress

Alan Wake can get a Remastered version. Hidden strings have been found on the Epic Games Store that indicate that a new, reworked version is underway.

  • A revised version of Alan Wake may be in the works
  • References found in the Epic Games Store
  • Removed from stores 2017

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Epic Games has not released any official information about an Alan Wake Remastered version. But the astute have found clear references in the game publisher’s own store that indicate that something is going on.

Hidden in the code of the Epic Games Store were not only references to Alan Wake Remastered, but also Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Alan Wake Remastered has not been announced yet, and Final Fantasy VII Remake is today a game exclusively for Playstation consoles. The fact that the name is in the Epic Games Store indicates that the exclusivity for Playstation is about to disappear.

Alan Wake disappeared from stores in 2017

In 2017 Alan Wake was removed from digital gaming stores after licenses for parts of the music in the game have expired. The Finnish game studio Remedy Entertainment could not sell the game, but everyone who already bought it before 15 May 2017 was allowed to continue downloading and playing as normal.

Today, Alan Wake has received renewed licenses, which means that you can buy the game from, for example, Steam and on the Xbox Store as before.

If you do not want to wait for Alan Wake Remastered to be actually released (if ever), you can find three different versions of Steam here:

Alan Wake is also available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One / Series here.

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