Allegedly new model planned for the second half of the year

iPad Mini 6 with more screen space?

Apple is reportedly working on an entirely new iPad that could be located between the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro. This so-called iPad Mini Pro could appear in the second half of 2021, but this forecast should be treated with caution.

Apple is to deal with the market launch of a new iPad model, which has not yet existed in this form. Allegedly, a small iPad Pro is planned, which should have an 8.7 inch display. This is in a housing that is wider but less high than the current iPad Mini 5, the asserts a South Korean blog whose sources are unclear and which has no history of leaks on upcoming Apple products. This iPad Mini Pro, as it is called in this assessment, has already completed Apple’s development process. The final design coordination followed before the green light was given for mass production. A market launch will then allegedly take place in the second half of 2021.

Apple is also said to be planning an iPad Mini 6

It is difficult to say what to think of this rumor about an iPad Mini Pro. Previously, however, a new iPad mini (Affiliate link) speculates reported. It should come on the market in March and supposedly have a slightly larger display. This could be achieved through a design that is reminiscent of that of the iPad Air 3. A home button with Touch ID should also be used here.

What would you think of an iPad Mini Pro: Good idea or completely out of the market?

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