Apple blacklisted by Råd & Rön – does not follow decisions from ARN

Apple has been blacklisted by Råd & Rön. The company has on two occasions chosen not to follow the recommendations from ARN, which means that the company has ended up on the shame list.

  • The decisions apply to an Apple Watch and an iPad keyboard
  • Apple gave the wrong language layout on the replacement keyboard
  • Unusual that well-established companies do not follow ARN’s decisions (read: recommendations?

Every year, the consumer magazine Råd & Rön compiles a list of companies that do not follow decisions from the General Complaints Board (ARN).

ARN makes decisions in disputes between consumers and companies when they do not agree. In the case of Apple, these are two occasions where the company has refused to follow the same line as ARN.

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1. At one point, Apple was asked to repair a watch whose screen had cracked. Although Apple has an exchange program for the specific damage, the company said that external influences are the reason for the crack, and thus they refuse to repair or replace the smartwatch.

2. On the second occasion, the decision concerned a keyboard shell for the iPad tablet that was broken. Apple was asked to replace the product, which also happened. The problem? Apple replaced a keyboard with a Swedish layout with one for the English market.

Apple normally has high ratings in customer satisfaction, but here the company falls short and thus the company is blacklisted at Råd & Rön.

It is unusual for well-established companies not to follow ARN’s decisions. An exception is the travel industry, which is happy to go its own way.

If you are a subscriber to Råd & Rön, you can read all the news about Apple’s blacklisting here.

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