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Good morning everybody! Phew, the week started with a cold shower for all Apple car enthusiasts. And suddenly they were there again, the clairvoyant, who always wanted to have known anyway that a car would never come from Apple. But the story is not even close to the end and any kind of surprise is possible.
So welcome to the morning overview of the news from Apple country for the past 24 hours.

So that was nothing: Negotiating the production of an Apple car with the supposedly designated partner are stopped for the time being. You don’t know for sure what caused it in the end, but there is reasoned assumptions. How things will continue: Nobody outside of the closest circle currently knows exactly, only it is known that Apple is also stretching feelers in the direction of Japan.

A book by the richest man in the world

The head of Tesla and SpaceX and, at his own request, the first permanent resident of Mars, would like to write a book. What is it about? Luke has summarized the known details. It is likely, that much is already foreseeable, to sell extremely well.

iOS 14 brings alternative music streaming services

Today, anyone who asks Siri to play a song will hear it from Apple Music. If it is to be Spotify, for example, the user has to say that explicitly: That will change soon, iOS 14.5 brings the option of setting alternative music streaming services as standard, similar to Apple with the alternative standard browser and e-mail client has already demonstrated. Currently has the function but still their quirks.

In short

What else was important

The new anti-tracking target For developers, the EU Commission is pleased – in principle. But she warns: In spite of all the equalization, Apple should not forget to treat everyone equally, talk about including yourself in it. This should allow the Commission Objection from Facebook take up against the new requirement, in whose slipstream numerous other developers are sailing on a protest course against the new obligation on the part of Apple. It is not yet clear whether these protests will ultimately be caught.

Who is developing Apple’s AR glasses?

The until a few weeks ago still senior manager for Apple’s hardware business should now lead the development of the Apple AR glasses and coordinate. This would also clarify what the new secret project is about, which was recently mentioned in this context.

Has Apple’s software got significantly better in the last year?

This conclusion emerges from a survey of some well-known Apple users and observers: Everything went more smoothly in 2020 than in the previous year. The problem: It’s easy to stand out when the level of competence was so low beforehand – well, you could also say it rolled howling in the corner. We asked you for your assessment of the topic and received quite ambivalent answers.

With that I can say goodbye for today and wish you an ice-free day as possible.

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