Apple has released macOS 11.2 “Big Sur” – here is everything new

Apple has released the sharp version of macOS 11.2. The new version focuses almost entirely on bug fixes and optimizations that will make life a little better for users.

Among the news, we find stability fixes for wireless connection with bluetooth and a number of bug fixes for, among other things, external screens, ProRAW, iCloud Drive and more.

Reading tips: macOS 11.1 Big Sur is released – here’s everything new

Here is the complete (and comparatively short) list of fixes for macOS 11.2.

  • External monitors could display a black screen when connected to a Mac Mini (M1) with an HDMI to DVI adapter.
  • ProRAW photos in the Photos app were not saved correctly
  • iCloud Drive turned itself off after disabling the iCloud Drive Desktop & Documents folder
  • The system settings were not locked correctly when the admin password was entered

The Glob button did not display the emoji panel as intended when used

No major news then. Clearly, the biggest improvement is that bluetooth connections are more stable, but even those with a newer Mac Mini will appreciate the screen fix.

The update weighs in at a respectable 3.66 GB, so it may take a while to download it to your computer. Do not forget to always back up important files before starting the update.

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