Apple is negotiating with various LiDAR sensor manufacturers

Apple Car will be ready to drive in five years at the earliest

Apple is in talks with various manufacturers of LiDAR sensors. These should be used in a possible Apple Car and give the vehicle the ability to drive autonomously or partially. It will be years before an Apple Car rolls onto the market.

Apple is currently not only in talks with various car manufacturers and is also picking up one or the other basket, they also talk to manufacturers of various high-end components that such a car would need. Among other things, Apple is currently negotiating with various manufacturers of LiDAR sensors, the reported currently the Bloomberg agency, citing sources familiar with the matter that do not want to be named.

In the recent past, speculation about such discussions had caused the share price of individual LiDAr sensor manufacturers to explode. The solutions, the use of which is currently being negotiated, should still be state-of-the-art in five years’ time, which suggests that people are talking less about products currently available on the market and more about future versions that are still being developed.

The Apple Car should drive independently

It is not so easy for Apple to find a partner for the production of the Apple Car. Recently, for example, the South Korean car maker Hyundai and its daughter Kia gave up, reported. At this point in time, the talks were no longer in the early stages.
Other manufacturers got out of preliminary negotiations much earlier, as we did in one further message had reported.

Nevertheless, not only an Apple Car should be built, but this one too with a high degree of autonomy to be launched on the market, an ambitious goal: Apple covered significantly more autonomously driven kilometers with its test vehicles in the last year than in the previous year, but the Apple cars seem to be significantly less developed than vehicles of other players, reported. Apple will have to work a miracle to actually be successful in the automotive market in the not too distant future.

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