Apple just wants to hinder the competition

Mark Zuckerberg auf F8 2018 - Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg on F8 2018 - Facebook

Facebook also recently presented its quarterly figures. On the sidelines of the publication, CEO Mark Zuckerberg could not help firing a few unfriendly words at Apple: The company is by no means having the well-being of the user in mind by introducing its new anti-tracking requirements. Much more, Apple aims solely to hinder the competition.

The words were clear, but they did not address any new allegations from Facebook to Apple. The social network also presented its quarterly figures in this balance sheet week and founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg once again stated his pronounced dissatisfaction with Apple. Specifically, he was referring to Apple’s new anti-tracking feature in iOS 14.

In the future, users will have to be asked for permission by apps before their behavior can be tracked across apps. However, Apple is by no means striving to protect the privacy of users. The company is only interested in throwing clubs between the legs of the competition, says Zuckerberg of US newspaper reports quoted.

Facebook bothers iMessage and Facetime

And the corporate executive did not owe any further details that disturb Facebook at Apple. It is iMessage that Facebook is a thorn in the side. Apple delivers this service pre-installed on all iPhones and iPads, this is the only way iMessage can become the most popular messenger in the USA. It’s the same with Facetime. In fact, the Facebook Messenger also offers messaging and telephony in sound and image and also for groups.
That is why Facebook recently launched a move according to which Apple should be forced in the future to also allow other messengers as standard messengers under iOS, as we did in one further message reported that Android has offered this option for a long time. However, there is little reason to fear that Facebook will catch on with this in the near future.

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