Apple lowers prices on App Store in Sweden (May 2021)

Apple regularly corrects app store prices. This applies to all markets and takes place for different reasons.

Among other things, changed VAT rules may cause Apple to change prices. A significant decrease or increase in the value of the local currency is also a reason.

When was the last price increase on the Swedish App Store?

The last time Apple raised the price on the Swedish App Store was at the end of 2019.

Then prices increased by up to 25 percent due to the then, weak Swedish krona.

How much will the prices on the App Store be reduced in 2021?

Prices will be reduced to the same level as the App Store had before the price increase at the end of 2019.

This means an approximate reduction of up to 25 percent.
However, most price levels are lowered by significantly less than that.

Here are some of the prices and how they change:

Old price New prices Price in USD
12 11 0.99
25 20 1.99
35 30 2.99
50 45 3.99
59 55 4.99
119 109 9.99
239 219 19.99

That’s how much the price of Apple’s services changes

There are no indications that Apple intends to change the price level of its services. Everything right now indicates that they are staying at the same level as today. Here are some examples of what Apple services are costing right now:

  • Apple Music: 99 kronor
  • Apple TV Plus: SEK 59
  • Apple Arcade: $ 59

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