Apple releases AirPods 3 & Music HiFi on May 18, 2021


Apple AirPods 3 and Music HiFi can be released on May 18 according to new rumors. If that’s true, it’s a real product bomb that Apple will release just the day after the Google I / O event on May 17.

It has long been rumored that Apple plans to release both new headphones and an improved music service with high-definition sound in 2021. A rumor that has been intensified recently with new data.

When will Apple introduce the new AirPods 3?

More and more indications are that Apple will release a press release on May 18 with two launches – both of AirPods 3 and Music HiFi.

So it’s not about a major event. This is expected because no warning has been issued with the date or time to the press corps.
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AirPods 3 is the official successor to the second generation AirPods released in March 2019. The headphones do NOT replace the AirPods Pro released in October of that year.

What makes AirPods 3 different from AirPods 2?

As far as we know, Apple has made AirPods 3 more visually similar to AirPods Pro, but without any of the “pro” features that the Pro model offers.

This means that the stem that sticks down has become smaller and that we get silicone plugs that go into the ears. More comfortable and more soundproof, but noise reduction will not exist as far as we know.
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What is Apple Music HiFi?

At the same time as the AirPods 3, Music HiFi is likely to be released. It’s not a brand new music service but is expected to complement existing Apple Music.

Just as the name suggests, Music HiFi will – at a higher cost – offer high-resolution music to those who are not satisfied with the limited quality that regular Apple Music has today.

It is a direct answer to what Amazon, Spotify, and Tidal already have on the market today.

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