Apple Watch detects corona infection before PCR test

Apple Watch detects corona infection before PCR test

It sounds like a wet dream in Corona times: The Apple Watch should not only reliably detect an infection with Covid-19, but also a week before a PCR test works, researchers want in a new study have shown. It remains to be seen whether this will actually soon expand and simplify testing, at least for Apple Watch users.

Can the Apple Watch recognize Corona? Yes, researchers claim in a recent study at the Mount Sinai Complex. Several hundred employees from the facility took part, all of them working in the medical field.

Only one was used Apple Watch (Affiliate-Link) and an iPhone as well as a special app. The study ran from April to September, and all participants also had to fill out a daily control sheet, in which the occurrence of certain symptoms such as cough, fever or loss of smell as well as other factors such as severe stress were asked.

Heart rate is key

The main focus of the researchers when evaluating the collected data was the heart rate variability, a quantity that the Apple Watch can record. This value provides information about a possible impairment of the nervous system. Not only was the evaluation method used by the researchers able to detect Covid-19 in participants, it also succeeded a week before a classic PCR test hit. The data also show when the infection will subside again.

The study was peer-reviewed and now published in a medical journal released. It could be a new lever in the implementation of quarantine regulations, subject of course to proven reliability in mass use and only for owners of an Apple Watch.

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