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Good Morning all! On Tuesday I’m on duty … good, only moderately funny, but there is more … … with the overview of the news situation in Apple country for the last 24 hours.

The iPhone 12 Mini is having a tough time on the market: Although the iPhone 12 lineup appears to be an impressive success story overall, this does not apply to all four models. The smallest brother is unloved, although not by everyone, as we have been since then Comments from readers know, but unfortunately there are too few of them to make a difference. Analysts in Asia also believe they have identified a reason for the failure of the iPhone 12 Mini: Corona should be to blame. The smallest iPhone was designed primarily for the European and US markets, and Corona had particularly clouded consumer mood there. True or not, the iPhone 12 Mini is under pressure.

Dan Riccio switches to a secret project

Dan Riccio should say something to many of you. It bears one of the few names that, apart from Tim Cook, Jony Ive and Phil Schiller, is associated with Apple. Sure, he’s been with the company for 23 years and has seen everything from the first iMac to the latest 5G iPhones. Among other things, he worked as iPad hardware boss and to date as VP of Hardware Engineering. Now he’s switching to a completely unknown project. The Apple Car? The Apple glasses? Here go to our report from yesterday evening.

Apple TV + does not pick up users in their wallets

To call Apple TV + a total flop would be greatly shortened and therefore not entirely accurate. The service must be without question a long dry spell survive before making any money. Apple has a lot of staying power, it is well known whether Cupertino will have as much patience as is necessary remains to be seen. Because for the time being only a few viewers are ready and willing to pay money for Apple TV + at Disney + open your wallet on the other hand apparently with a light hand and joy in the heart. Condolences Apple!

Will the Apple Watch soon measure blood sugar?

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting rumors of yesterday Monday: The Apple Watch could finally measure blood sugar in 2021. Finally because of it corresponding rumors has existed for a long time. Even Tim Cook himself is said to have been walking around with a prototype on his arm for a while, here in the archive to read. But this would be a further medical function and to develop it with sufficient perfection and reliability and then also to have it certified by the health authorities of the most important sales markets is hard work, as we saw with the introduction of the ECG function. It has to be like that, after all, our health is important to us. A blood glucose test on the Apple Watch would undoubtedly make life easier for many people.

In short

What else was important

Apple has one second version of the Release Candidate of macOS Big Sur 11.2 distributed to the registered developers, almost a week after the first version. From this it follows that one probably had to solve problems at one point or another. It is unclear when the update will appear for all users.

The AirPods Max last as long as Apple promises.
The AirPods Max should play for 20 hours on one charge and: They do. However, the battery percentage display is a bit moody from time to time. An independent test examined the capabilities of the AirPods Max, more here.

Apple could have a bright year ahead of them.

As is well known, Apple presents its quarterly figures on Wednesday. The analysts make their forecasts in advance and they are optimistic. The most confident market watchers believe the company could grow by 15% this year, here you read more.

I now wish you a not too snowy Tuesday and say goodbye for the moment.

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