Battery issues with iOS 14.6 – the battery drains quickly (the solutions)

Battery issues with iOS 14.6 - the battery drains quickly (the solutions)

Users report that the update with iOS 14.6 makes their iPhones very hot and that the battery drains super fast with the new version.

This is not the first time that iOS 14 users are complaining about bad battery life after an update. But what is new is that the mobile phones are also getting terribly hot.

There is now a fear that the combination of high heat and fast battery drainage will negatively affect the health of the batteries.

The Podcaster app drains the battery for multiple users

Those who use Apple’s podcast app seem to be extra affected. It is unclear whether the Podcaster app is actually problematic or not, but if you use that app, it may be time to keep an extra eye on the battery.

On a more positive side of it all, some users with older iPhone models report that performance has increased significantly with iOS 14.6. So it’s not just negative all the way.

The solutions to the battery issues with iOS 14.6

  1. If you have just installed iOS 14.6 and are experiencing battery issues, it may be a good idea to restart your mobile phone. It is a universal solution that can solve many problems.
  2. If it does not work you may need to perform a factory reset. Just make sure to back up all your important files first.
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  3. If you notice that it is the Podcaster app that does it, we recommend that you switches to another podcast app. There are many great alternatives to Apple’s own app. You see a list of some of the larger options here.
  4. In the absolute worst case, you can downgrade from iOS 14.6 to iOS 14.5.1. But it has to go fast, because Apple tends to stop that possibility very quickly.


How many people are experiencing battery issues with iOS 14.6?

It is unclear how many are affected at the time of writing. At least a small percentage of iPhone users have noticed problems with quickly drained batteries.

Does Apple know about the issues with batteries and iOS 14.6?

At the time of writing, Apple has not issued an official announcement about the problem. However, it is likely that they already know about the problems and will hopefully investigate the reports.
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The battery drains quickly with my iPhone and iOS 14.6 – what do I do?

1. Restart the mobile phone
2. Factory reset the mobile phone
3. Downgrade to iOS 14.5.1
4. Contact Apple

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