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Best weather app for iOS – CARROT Weather 5

Are you still using the built-in weather app in iOS? Admittedly, it does a nice job for its purpose – you get to know the weather. But is it fun and detailed? Hardly.

If you want a really good weather app, you should instead take a closer look at new ones CARROT Weather 5. It is a new version of the popular weather app with a revised design and smarter features.

The first thing that existing users notice when they update to CARROT Weather 5 is that the look has changed. The soft shapes still exist, but it is easier to find the important information because the weather piece has been given a more central role.

Achievements, adjustable design and subscription levels

The icons have also been redesigned from the ground up to better fit into Apple’s design patterns. Not least with the smartwatch Watch where the icons are now better and more accessible for different functions than ever.

Adapted view according to the weather conditions

In order not to be overwhelmed with all the information that CARROT Weather 5 can show, the start page in the app is automatically adapted to the weather conditions that apply.

If you open the app on a calm and nice day, you may only see information about temperature, sunrise / sunset and the lunar phases. If, on the other hand, a Class 1 warning is in progress, relevant information is included, such as air pressure, wind speed and the like.

The features you need to know
– Gamification with achievements when you meet certain conditions
– Beautiful widgets for iOS 14
– You can choose different services for weather reports
– Support for Apple Watch and display of weather on the dial
Map with satellite view of the weather
– View data from your own weather station (for example from Netatmo)

You can customize what it should look like and what should be displayed, or let the app take care of everything.

And a big part of the news with CARROT Weather 5 is how adaptable the app is. A large part of everything displayed can be set just the way you want it. Also the humor included.

The app has attracted attention for the language in the app, which for the average user is humorous and even a little annoying. It can be fun for some, but if you want you can turn it off completely so that the language is normal.

Free to download – subscription for extra features

And so it was the whole thing with the price tag. Money must be deposited in order for the bills to be paid. And CARROT Weather 5 has a subscription model that has become so popular in recent years. You can download the app for free, but some features cost every month.

There are three subscription levels – Premium Plus, Premium Ultra and Premium Family – with prices from SEK 29 per month. The levels were formerly called Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. They have just been renamed to be less confusing.

But does anyone else think this app is good? Even though it costs every month? Out of a little more than 26,000 reviewers on the App Store, the CARROT Weather app has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. It is terribly good and only confirms what we think of this app.

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