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Bitwarden is the best alternative to LastPass (free password manager)

After LastPass changed its policy for free users, many are looking for the best alternatives to the password manager. And we have listed four of the best on the market right now.

  • LastPass severely restricts free users
  • No support by phone or email – but a limited FAQ
  • Bitwarden offers much more for zero kronor
  • Bitwarden is available for all popular platforms and browsers

Why are so many people leaving LastPass right now?

If you use the free version of LastPass, your account will be severely restricted on March 16, 2021. You may only use one device type and you will not receive any support from LastPass beyond what their FAQ offers.

This means that you may only use LastPass on your mobile phone OR on your computer. You can NOT use both at the same time without upgrading to a Premium account.

Read more about the policy change here.

The best alternative to LastPass is Bitwarden

Thankfully, there are excellent alternatives to LastPass. Both free and premium variants.

Our absolute favorite is Bitwarden which is characterized by high security, really good applications for mobile and computer, and a stable free version without major restrictions on functionality.

Bitwarden uses 256-bit AES encryption (standard on many password managers), is available as an app for all the major platforms and has good additions for the more popular browsers.

Sure, Bitwarden may not have the most modern look, but you get exactly what you need in a really good package completely free of charge.

If you want to sponsor the development of Bitwarden, you can buy a premium version for around a hundred bucks a year. It is definitely worth upgrading, if only to support the developers, but also for the extra functionality.

The add-on to Firefox is simple and convenient.

Download Bitwarden to your computer and mobile

The differences between Bitward’s price levels

Functionality Free Premium Family
Basic user 1 1 6
Maximum number of users 1 1 6
Maximum number of collections Unlimited
Access to all apps Yes Yes Yes
Storage of notes & details in addition to passwords Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sync between all devices Yes Yes Yes
Shared passwords & items Unlimited
Password generator Yes Yes Yes
Encrypted uploads 1 GB 1GB + 1GB
Encrypted exporters Yes Yes Yes
Premium functionality Yes Yes
Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP) Yes Yes
2FA login 2FA 2FA, YubiKey, U2F, Duo 2FA, YubiKey, U2F, Duo
Health reports for the vault Yes Yes
Emergency login Yes Yes
Priority support Yes Yes
Cloud storage Yes Yes Yes
Self storage Yes Yes Yes
Price level Free About NOK 100 per year About NOK 400 per year


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