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Block email tracking with Duck Duck Go – new service


The search engine Duck Duck Go has launched an email service that will increase the integrity for you as a user. And it does so by blocking so-called tracking pixels.

  • Removes tracking pixels from your emails
  • Acts as an intermediary to your regular email account
  • You can sign up for a waiting list today

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It’s is a tracking pixel

Tracking pixels do exactly what the name implies, but maybe not quite as bad as you think.

They are used to let the sender know if and when you open their email. And how often you do it.

A tracking pixel can also be used to identify the type of device you are using and how much of the email you actually read.

Doesn’t sound particularly fun to you as a recipient, does it?

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Duck Duck Go blocks tracking pixels

The new email service “Email Protection” helps you avoid tracking pixels.

Duck Duck Go claims that as many as 70 percent of all emails have a tracking pixel. With Email Protection as an intermediary between the sender and your regular email account, you do not risk anyone finding out how to open and read your emails.

You use Email Protection as by first registering for an email address with Duck Duck Go. You will then receive an @ address that will be the recipient of all your emails.

When the email arrives in the inbox, Email Protection can find and delete any tracking pixels. Then the email is sent directly to your regular inbox.

So you do not have to give up your regular email.

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Email Protection is in beta phase – join the waiting list

To use Email Protection today, you must first register for a waiting list.

The service is in a beta phase, which means that only a small number of users can try it.

It should be said that even if Duck Duck Go promises not to save your emails or its contents, it still has an opportunity to at least read what you receive mechanically.

Here is an excerpt from Duck Duck Go about how they view your privacy and the content of your email:

We believe protecting your personal information from leaking to third parties should be simple and seamless, like the rest of DuckDuckGo’s privacy protection bundle.

However, the probability that they do so is vanishingly small, we want to say.

Sign up for the waiting list

  1. Download the official Duck Duck Go app for Android or iOS
  2. Go to Settings> Beta Features> Email Protection
  3. Click on the option to join the waiting list

It’s not harder than that.


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