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Block Google Drive users – stop harassment


If you receive shared files to your Google Drive as a form of harassment, you can soon stop that behavior. According to Google, an update to the cloud service is underway that allows you to block users from sharing files to your Drive.

  • Blocked users can not contact you through any Google service
  • Stops shared files from being blocked
  • Rolls out to everyone during the summer and autumn of 2021

Reduces the risk of harassment via Google Drive

Google wants to reduce the risk of harassment via the cloud service Drive. Therefore, the service is improved with support for blocking users directly via a right-click in the browser.

The function will roll out during the summer and autumn of 2021 to all users, both private accounts and company accounts.

When a user is blocked, they can no longer share files with your Drive account.
In addition, all files you share with the blocked user will be inaccessible to protect the files.

Google Drive is a great tool for sharing files, collaborating with others, and creating a better maker in the digital world. But unfortunately, there are players who choose a darker, less desirable area of ​​use that Google is now trying to stop permanently.

Once you have blocked a user, they can no longer share files, and at the same time can not use other Google services to contact you. For example, view Hangouts or Chat.

The function is activated by default for most people

Google already announced in May that support for blocking users was underway, but only now is the rollout on its way to all personal and corporate accounts.

For private users, the function is activated by default after the rollout. For business users, it may be necessary to activate the feature via the IT administrator first.

If you want to know more about the function, you can read on Google’s official blog here.

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