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Bloodborne at 60fps on Playstation 4 & Playstation 5 – so you do

Now you can play Bloodborne at 60fps on your Playstation 4 or 4 Pro. An unofficial update from renowned modder Lance McDonald unlocks the frame rate – but not for all players out there.

Bloodborne is known for being brutally unforgivable when players react too slowly or misjudge a stroke. It only takes seconds to die and when the game normally runs at 30fps, the slightest delay becomes noticeable.

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In fact, 30fps also applies to the latest Playstation 5, a game console whose performance far exceeds Playstation 4 Pro, so 60fps should probably not be a problem even in full resolution.

The problem? The game studio FromSoftware that created Bloodborn has not released an update that optimizes the game for Playstation 5.
Anyone with a Playstation 4/4 Pro, Bloodborne and latest version 1.09 installed can drive the mod from Lance McDonald for a significantly smoother gaming experience. If you can live with the resolution decreasing from 4K to 720p or 1080p.

The launch trailer gives a nice idea of ​​how much you will cry when you play Bloodborne.

To download the unofficial 60fps update for Bloodborne, go to this side and follow the instructions.

The zip file you are downloading contains three files:

  • 720p.exe
  • 1080p.exe
  • readme.txt

Be sure to read the text file as it contains instructions and explanations of the files. To use the update and mod the game, you need to get a decrypted version of eboot.bin (v1.09 only!), Place either 720p.exe or 1080p.exe in the same folder and launch the executable file. And voila, the game is modded at 60fps.

Not sure how to make everything work? There are excellent guides on the internet and we do not dare to go into something that in the worst case makes the game unplayable on your Playstation console. If you are at least unsure – avoid this update and wait for FromSoftware to release an official solution (if any).

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