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Are you looking for a cost-effective as well as high-performing web hosting solution in USA? If it is your case, you must know about Serverwala’s Dedicated server USA. The dedicated server is the web hosting server that lets you attain its root control and all the resources. With the dedicated server hosting, you can get the administration of the entire server and utilize it completely for your own purpose without sharing any of its web resources with any user. 

This makes dedicated servers superior to every other web hosting solution that implements certain restrictions. Moreover, the dedicated server provides an isolated, independent, and secure hosting platform with numerous administrative privileges that eventually makes it costlier in the industry. 

Note that you need to seek the right and reliable web hosting company that provides effective and required hosting services and facilities in order to enjoy the fast processing and other benefits of the robust dedicated server in USA. Here is where the Serverwala web hosting company gets into the picture. Serverwala is the industry-leading and well-renowned web hosting company that provides high-grade and best-dedicated server hosting services and facilities. 

Since a dedicated server costs much more than other web hosting servers, many people restrain themselves from buying the dedicated server to host their web businesses or websites due to budget constraints. However, Serverwala has been able to render the leading US Dedicated server hosting plans and packages at the competitive and most affordable rates. Hop to the sections below and grab all the detailed insights about the Serverwala Dedicated Hosting. 

Dedicated Hosting from Serverwala

Serverwala has been among the most influential and top-notch web hosting companies. It provides powerful, bare-metal, and robust dedicated servers with hyper-scale web hosting services. The company renders the assurance of support from the top-tier equipment and progressive technologies. 

On the other side, the company also offers SSD (Solid-State Drives) data storage with every Dedicated server USA. Unlike traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives), the SSDs save considerable power, provide smooth & uninterrupted functioning, and enables the highest speed performance. Before we move on to highlight the further features of the Serverwala best-Dedicated Hosting, let’s comprehend the purpose and usage of the dedicated server. 

know about Special-purpose Hosting

A Dedicated server USA has the capability to host heavy-resource websites or applications with utmost ease. It does not put limitations in expanding your web business and helps in efficiently managing the high-traffic volume peaks. Further, you can administer the entire server and configure as well as customize its settings as your business website requires for delivering excellent performance. 

Also, you can run any operating system at your server’s base and install as many applications as needed. Since you acquire high availability of resources, enable high-speed performance and get access to high scalability features with the dedicated server in USA, your website easily gets to rank higher on the search engines like Google. Apart from all these privileges, the best Dedicated server USA brings in –

  • Private and autonomous web hosting environment
  • SSL security
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Hosting Flexibility
  • Data protection against all the security threats
  • High-grade processors

Advantages of Dedicated Server By Serverwala

Following mentioned are the crucial benefits you can acquire with the Serverwala Dedicated server USA – 

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

The company provides the support of enterprise-grade hardware to let your website deliver optimal performance with high speed. Further, you obtain robust hardware tools running on the most advanced technologies to boost your business website performance.

Data Encryption

Serverwala Dedicated Server USA comes with firewall protection to encrypt and secure your data. Moreover, you also get access to other standard and advanced security measures such as DDoS protection, malware scan & protection, etc. 

Value of Money

The company enables you to intensify your web business performance at the minimal investment with the cheap Dedicated Server USA while providing world-class hosting facilities. Also, it offers a 7-days credit back guarantee to make you rest assured that you are making a safe investment.

Additional Services

With the Serverwala best Dedicated Server USA, you receive additional benefits of services. For instance, you can obtain client management software, backup options, service level agreement, hardware RAID support, 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets, free one IPv4 and IPv6 address, etc.

Customer Opinion

Discovering the customer opinion or review about the US dedicated server hosting of the particular web hosting company you are seeking helps you judge whether it would benefit your web business or not. The feedback of a customer can also let you know about the integrity of the company without blindly opting for it. Thus, here we have mentioned the customer opinion on the Serverwala USA dedicated server in order to enable you to analyze the company’s reliability. 

Price and packages 

With the Serverwala web hosting company, you can precisely choose the required USA dedicated server hosting plan from the most affordable and extensive spectrum of varying plans. The company has devised and customized diverse web hosting plans in order to meet the varied needs of different web businesses. 

With every Serverwala’s dedicated server in USA, you get round-the-clock technical assistance through proficient experts. Also, the company provides you the possibility to easily scale up your server resources or upgrade your web hosting plan in no time without making your business website encounter downtime.


The USA dedicated server provides high scalability, highest uptime, robust security, fastest processing, least web page loading time, and highest possible website SEO ranking. If you are not sure of handling the entire dedicated server on your own, you can utilize Serverwala’s managed Data center storage service with any plan. 

With this, the company’s team of trained and experienced professionals will take charge of everything related to your server. And then, you can shift your complete focus on other aspects of your online business. Connect right away with the company’s professionals via 24/7/365 customer support service to resolve all your queries, if any, or obtain more details about the web hosting plans and packages of the best Dedicated server.

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