Chrome OS overhauled macOS last year

Chrome OS overhauled macOS last year

That someone uses Chrome OS is not too common, but still they have managed to sell better than macOS last year.

Now there’s one new report from IDC who analyzed computer sales in 2020 and there are a few surprises this time.

Although it is thought that we see people with Macbooks more and more often, Chrome OS has sold better than macOS in 2020 and this is the first time that Google actually sold better than Apple when it comes to computers.

Windows is still superiorly number one with 80.

5 percent while Chrome OS comes in second place with 10.
8 percent and macOS has to settle for 7.5 percent. Although the numbers are low compared to their competitors, Apple has still increased sales of macOS from 6.7 percent in 2019 to 7.5 percent last year.

However, Microsoft has reduced its sales from 85.4 percent in 2019 to 80.5 percent last year, even though it has decreased, they are completely superior to their competitors and the question is when and if anyone will ever catch up with Windows.

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