Conny Andersson – Morality & truth is the way out of corruption

Conny Andersson - Morality & truth is the way out of corruption

Conny Andersson is a name that has become synonymous with standing up for the truth in Sweden. Known for his background in the police where he experienced deep corruption precisely among those who would uphold the law.

“Our country must be built by law, it is said, but the law is built by the morals of the people.
So what happens if law and morality go against each other? Then the law will be changed. A law must be able to be felt, in the heart, as a feeling of justice and goodness.

But a country can be dissolved and corrupted by influences that change or destroy morale. This is done through mass communication systems such as mass media, education, music, film, political decisions etc.

How can we humans regain moral strength and character? How can we know what is right and wrong? How do we defend our society against decay, also called corruption?

During my lecture, I shed light on man’s basic need for justice, love and hope for a good society.
I take up personal experiences of facing corruption and finding strength and love in the crisis. ”
– Conny Andersson

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