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Control your Mac with Xbox or Playstation control – you do

With the tool Controlly you can control your Mac with an Xbox or Playstation controller.
It’s easy and completely free to try the app via the Mac App Store

Hugo Lispector developed and released the macOS app. In the description, Hugo highlights some of the benefits of Controlly and using the controller with macOS – such as the fact that you can easily control the mouse pointer remotely.

All the buttons on your controller can be programmed to do different things. For example, you can control the mouse pointer with the analog levers, program the joystick to open various apps, and use the rear trigger buttons to increase or decrease the volume. Just to name a few things.

To set what you want to do with each button, use either the preset speed dials.
You can not do super-advanced things, but most of the common settings and actions in macOS are included.

For the mouse pointer, you can set how fast it should move and also the speed of scrolling can be set in different levels.

Controlly is free to download and try for seven days. If you want to continue using the app, it costs SEK 50 via an in-app purchase directly from the app.

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