Dark Mode for Microsoft Office on Android


After the iOS version of Microsoft Office has supported Dark Mode for more than a year, it’s finally time for Android.

Microsoft announces that so-called dark mode is finally on its way to the Office app for Android.

The advantage of dark mode in apps is that it

  • battery-saving on mobile phones with OLED screen,
  • kinder to the eyes in certain situations, and
  • can be visually appealing to some.

The support is highly sought after and not least by Office users who use an Android phone.

Dark mode in the Office app is activated automatically

In the latest version of the Microsoft Office app, you get dark mode completely automatically if it is enabled on Android. You can also activate the mode manually in the app settings if you want.

Here are the three settings you can choose from:

  • Light (normal mode)
  • Dark
  • System Default (selects automatically)

Dark mode can not only change automatically depending on which mode is activated in Android, but also according to the time of day and the light conditions where you are at the moment.

Dark mode in the Office app will come within a few weeks

The Dark mode support will be enabled in the Office app in the coming weeks, according to Microsoft profile Manager Sourab Nagpal.

All you need to do is update the Office app when there are new updates to take advantage of dark mode. Don’t have the app yet? You can find it on the Google Play Store here. Microsoft has an official page for their Android apps here if you want to read more instead.

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