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Dark Souls 3 manages 60fps on Xbox Series X / S (FPS Boost)


Finally, we can run Dark Souls 3 at 60fps on Xbox Series X / S. The game, which was previously locked to 30fps on Xbox One consoles, has been updated with support for FPS Boost, which unlocks twice the frame rate.

  • Increased from 30 to 60fps
  • Up to 900p on Xbox – Playstation 5 can handle 1080p
  • FPS Boost is available for many games for Xbox One

Dark Souls 3 can handle 60 fps – but is still limited

Dark Souls 3 is an unforgivable game with a level of difficulty that makes anyone work hard in pure frustration.

Playing at 30fps when the slightest incorrect movement, blow or blockage can mean that you die is hardly desirable.

Therefore, we are very happy that the game finally manages 60fps – and that it does so on both Xbox Series X and Series S.

A perhaps even greater advantage of FPS Boost is that we avoid uneven image display where Dark Souls 3 is perceived as jerky. It’s almost worse than being locked at 30fps when practicing precision.

But at the same time we get a little smolt in the cup from the fact that the game is still locked to 900p. A resolution that is slightly worse than Dark Souls 3 on Playstation 5 which can handle true 1080p.

Playstation 5 is the better console for Dark Souls 3

We know that the game studio FromSoftware worked with the Xbox team to enable FPS Boost in the game.

According to Jason Ronald at FromSoftware, a new “technology” was used that was developed to be able to use FPS Boost in Dark Souls 3. Which means that the studio at least opened the door a bit for the improvements.

And it’s clearly desirable, because the Playstation 5 provides a cleaner and slightly sharper image compared to the Xbox Series X / S in the game.

Dark Souls 3 works on PC, Xbox and Playstation. You can buy it from official game stores, on record and from third-party sellers like Kinguin,

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