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How to device Connect Bluetooth to Car

How to device Connect Bluetooth to Car

How to Connect Bluetooth to Car. I will share a step by step guide that will tell in detail How you can Connect Bluetooth to Car Stereo.
I have viewed a couple of fellows who are trying when it comes to Bluetooth. Just follow the guidelines.

Step 1: Initiate paring on your car’s stereo

First of all, you have to do turn on or enable the Bluetooth feature off on your car stereo operation according to your car features or style because many cars have the Bluetooth buttons on the steering also and some have this button on the dashboard, anywhere ever the button is, first of all, turn it ON.

Also, some of the cars have Bluetooth enabled them by default. So active the Bluetooth connectivity and your car’s dashboard screen will show the Bluetooth connection written on it.

Step 2: Phone Setup Menu

Phone Setup Menu

Now, turn on your mobile screen and enable the Bluetooth on. Make sure that your mobile’s Bluetooth is visible to other devices. For this, you can go to the Bluetooth settings in your mobile and just click on the visibility button and it will be turned on simply and then find out your cars Bluetooth.

Step 3: Select Bluetooth Settings SubMenu

Select Bluetooth Settings SubMenu

In case if your car’s Bluetooth is not visible on your mobile than just hit the scanning option on your mobile and this will help to find out your device to search the car’s Bluetooth.

Step 4: Select your stereo

Select your stereo

Now select one car stereo on the menu of available devices on your phone and pairing requests will be start confirming by this. You may have to confirm the pairing request on your stereo also, in some of the stereo systems by just touching on the confirm button.

Step 5: Enter PIN

Enter PIN

After that, a code will be given to you on your car sound stereo system’s screen, enter that code for verification of the pairing.

If the code is not shown, then seek out for help from the car’s guidance manual, as it has the Bluetooth pairing code written on it or otherwise try 00001234 or 1111 as a pairing code, because most of the cars have their simple four-digit codes like this, very commonly.

Step 6: Enable Media

Enable Media

After that, you are done. Play your desired music playlist and the sound will be arriving from your car’s stereo system. You can also pick your urgent calls with Bluetooth pairing. Turn on the call receiving button which is normally on the steering and you can also make calls simply.

While doing that, you can easily focus on your driving and at the same time, listen to the calls quickly. This will enhance your safety and convenience. You can also check out the call records on the dashboard screen. These simple steps, you can easily connect Bluetooth to Car.

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