Discord enters into Playstation partnership with Sony

Sony and Discord announce that the popular chat and voice service is coming to Playstation Network.

What has happened?

Sony and Discord announce that the service will be integrated into the Playstation Network in early 2022. This means that the current 140 million monthly users can use Discord directly from their Playstation consoles.

Exactly when does Discord work on Playstation?

It is not determined exactly when the aid will be released. Sony only announces that work on the integration is ongoing and that the finished result can be released “early in 2022”.

Does Discord work on both console and mobile?

Yes, according to Sony, the goal is for Discord integration to be accessible from both Playstation consoles and users’ mobile phones.

Does Xbox also have Discord?

Yes, Xbox also supports Discord. But the support is severely limited to the fact that users can only link and share the popular chat and voice service.
Voice functionality or similar cannot be used.

There have been reports circulating that Microsoft wanted to buy Discord, but that the talks between the parties did not go awry. Instead, Sony has made a minority investment in Discord, according to Sony CEO Jim Ryan.

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