Do all models get stabilized image sensors?

Allegedly all models with a LiDAR scanner

The iPhone 13 is to be equipped with SensorShift in all four presumably planned variants: Currently only the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers this feature. This improves image stabilization on the iPhone.

SensorShift could be used on a much larger scale in the iPhone 13 than in the current lineup. Apple is said to be planning to equip all models of the iPhone 13 with SensorShift, the magazine currently reports Digitimes.

Apple will presumably continue to use components from LG Innotek to a greater extent for this, writes the trade journal published in Taiwan. SensorShift is Apple’s name for a change in the image stabilization of the iPhone’s camera: Instead of stabilizing the lens, the sensor is stabilized here.

SensorShift is currently only available in one iPhone model

The new feature was first introduced with the iPhone 12 lineup, but here it is only on iPhone 12 Pro Max (Affiliate link) available. How much the results improve with SensorShift in practice is somewhat controversial among testers and users, the statements made range from “noticeable” to “very considerable”. SensorShift is undisputedly an advantageous development of the camera arrangement. It is unclear whether all iPhone 13 models actually adopt this feature, or perhaps only the Pro models. However, other South Korean sources had previously suspected that Apple could equip the entire iPhone 13 lineup with SensorShift.

It is expected that Apple will again bring four versions of its new top model onto the market, these should be presented again on time in September, as we did in one previous message had reported.

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