DO NOT buy iPad 2 – the end is here for the model


Apple now rates the iPad 2 as the output and “obsolete”. This means that the tablet is not supported by the company and thus can not be submitted for repair.

The model was released in March 2011, which means that Apple has provided support for the tablet for a full ten years. A remarkably long time then.

But now it’s over. If you have an iPad 2, you can no longer count on software updates, help in Apple stores, or repairs at Apple’s service center.

In fact, this is the second time that Apple rates the iPad 2 as the output and “obsolete”.

The first time took place already in 2019, but then only in certain markets. Among other things, for legal reasons, Apple was not allowed to remove the support in Turkey and in the state of California (USA).

Now the ten years have passed and thus Apple pulls the plug for the iPad 2.

The life-sustaining laws do not apply to the model and Apple lets the old faithful servant go to eternal rest.

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