Does Astrology Really Works To Improve Life


Astrology’s contemporary flavour is closely related to the social science of psychology. However, in the earlier day, it followed the path of observational science. From the ancient days till now, astrology has been modernized, and modern branches of astrology deal with every part of human life. The best astrologer in New York suggests it is the study to get valuable insight into your life’s purpose and goals. 

Study of the stars

The ancient people were curious about the sky and wanted to find clues about why things happened in the material world around them. They continuously searched for the relations between the planetary bodies and human life. Astrology is believed to go through a heyday in the Mediterranean during the Hellenistic period. It was an era between the 3rd century BC and the 1st century CE. These ancient interpretations were based on observations recorded by the Mesopotamians in the earliest period. They gave the most importance to astronomical phenomena and were in search of correlations between the sky and our daily life. 

The truth of astrology

Scientifically, astrology has no base on human life. However, it dates back to the ancient days. Though it’s often considered a pseudoscience, astrologers believe that your natal chart is te most important to calculate the position of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth.

The facts and assessments of astrology are not mysterious in any way. According to astrologer in California, the facts are based on real objects in our universe. One common misconception about astrology is that astrology is a potent tool to decide and predict your future. However, it is not the truth. Astrology and horoscopes are generally guiding tools that can empower and encourage you taking conscious decisions.

Debate on the issues

Several things in astrology can be debated. However, the existence or non-existence of planets and the Moon is beyond any debate. The existence of the planets is the omnipotent truth. 

Of you believe in astrology or not, The Moon influences the tides, and in the same way, the fact is true for us. Astrologers believe that the Moon can affect oceans’ tides, and equally, it can influence our lives and activities. 

How astrology is an accurate study

Astrology is undoubtedly an accurate study due to planetary calculations and the pattern of the cycles. Several astrologers believe that the Zodiac works as a compendium of psychic realities. The zodiacs work as archetypes which are more than a literary tool of analysis. Archetypes are psychological models that are considered patterns of our collective unconscious. We all have an innate disposition that we inherit from the very moment of our birth. Invisible forces exist, and they are controlling the universe. These forces are believed to be intermixing to create new chapters in human life. 

How the zodiac signs work

Many scientific studies have said that astrology has no connection with science. However, the zodiac signs or the star signs are the most influential on human lives. The Egyptians found a correlation between the constellations at specific times of the year. This idea came into existence around 330 BC. Then, the Greeks also became a part of it. They also took the help of mathematics and logic. They also worked out many rules regarding the idea of celestial bodies using planets and their cosmic potential for lives. 

Astrological influences on the natural world

Astrology is an ancient study that follows a basic premise. The premise is known as the heavenly bodies — the sun, Moon, planets, and constellations. They create severe influence over our lives and are correlated with earthly events. The main purpose of astrological studies is to improve the quality of your life with the help of planetary positions in your Zodiac. Therefore, astrology gives zodiac signs and natal charts the most importance. However, the world of astrology is vast, and several unknown facts are still undiscovered to us even today. 


So, astrology is not a myth or a misbelief; rather, it is based on the studies of astronomical bodies. The best astrologer can guide you better to understand the role of astrology in improving your goals and motivational power in your life.

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