Dolby Vision for Xbox Series X / S – Tested by Xbox Insiders


Microsoft makes it possible to use Dolby Vision with Xbox Series X and Series S.

If you are a tester in Xbox Insiders, you can install a new trial version of the software to your Xbox console today.

It is about early software for the users in the Alpha ring, that is, the very first group of testers who try brand new software before everyone else.

This is Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is a technology that competes with HDR. Both are used to make the image brighter, make the colors more powerful, and highlight details in both light and dark areas of the image.

What distinguishes Dolby Vision from HDR is mainly that Dolby’s technology is a bit sharper with a better image result. However, Dolby Vision only works with OLED where HDR also works with LCD / LED.Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X / S

We’ve known that Dolby’s display technology has been around for a long time for the Xbox series.

As early as September, Dolby announced that the Xbox Series X / S would be the first of all game consoles to receive support.

And when it’s in place, the games can use the technology to use extra metadata that tells the TV what the optimal settings are for, for example, brightness, contrast, and the like.

According to Dolby, this means that players will no longer have to manually adjust the picture settings – everything is handled by the Xbox and your TV.

May require a firmware update for your TV

There is one small problem to keep in mind, and that is that you may need to update your TV with a firmware update if it is to work.

And there are no guarantees whatsoever that your particular manufacturer will release one for your particular TV model.

Not all Xbox games support Dolby Vision either.
So in the beginning, there will be a shortage of titles that actually work.

Finally, we can report that the support only works when the game console is set to display a 60 Hz picture signal. Whether or when the support will be released to 120 Hz remains to be seen.

Dolby Vision is not available on PlayStation 5 or Switch

As mentioned above, Dolby Vision will initially only work with Xbox Series X / S. If you have an older Xbox console, a Playstation model, or a Nintendo Switch, you are completely in the cold. At least with Dolby Vision.

Playstation 4 and 5 support HDR, as do Xbox One S and One X. Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, does not.

It is unclear today exactly when Microsoft intends to release support to all users. First, the technology must be thoroughly tested by Xbox Insiders, and if no problems arise, more people can get the support. Probably sometime during the summer or early fall.

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