Edit your photos on Microsoft OneDrive (June 2021)

If you use OneDrive as a mobile app to store your photos in the cloud, a long-awaited news will soon come – support for editing photos directly in OneDrive on your mobile.

  • Easier image editing for the web and the Android app
  • Released to business users and the iOS app in the future
  • Only for JPEG and PNG – not RAW files

Easier image editing in OneDrive for Android

First out to get the support is the Android app. It is about simpler editing to, for example, crop, rotate, change the light and adjust the colors.

It will initially only work with JPEG and PNG image formats. And this only applies to users who have a private account with Microsoft – so business users with RAW files are out in the cold right now.

According to Microsoft, image editing features will improve over time.

Among other things, companies and schools will be able to use image editing in the future, and support is also underway for the OneDrive app for iOS and iPadOS.

Exactly when image editing on OneDrive will be released outside of Android, however, remains to be seen.

Microsoft has said in 2021, but without going into details on the date.

More news for the OneDrive app on Android

Another new addition to the OneDrive app on Android includes Chromecast image support.

You can select an image and “cast” it to a Chromecast-compatible gadget. For example, a Chromecast Ultra or Nvidia Shield TV.

Microsoft is also working on a new way to sort photos in OneDrive.

In the coming months, the OneDrive app will get a new setting that allows OneDrive to automatically create folders based on where your photos come from. Not physical space, but the image source.

Examples are if you upload images from your computer, mobile phone or if it is apps that created the images. A source, a folder.

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