Embracer Group acquires Borderlands developers

Embracer Group Gearbox

Gearbox Entertainment, which is the gang behind the success of Borderlands, has now been acquired by the Swedish Embracer Group.

Embracer Group, which was previously better known as THQ Nordic, has really spent money, they have bought up most studios in recent years and it does not seem to be slowing down exactly.

Now announces Embracer Group that they have bought Gearbox Entertainment which is the studio behind Borderlands and it was not a cheap story. Embracer had to pay three billion kronor for this, but it has already been confirmed that Gearbox will continue as a separate company and that it is still Randy Pitchford who will lead Gearbox.

In addition to Gearbox, Embracer has also bought Aspyr Media, best known for porting games to mobile phones, because they had to pay SEK 839 million and last but not least Easybrain, which makes mobile games for SEK 5.3 billion.

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