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Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger disturbed: Many users report problems

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger disturbed: Many users report problems

Currently there are apparently major disruptions on Facebook and its various offshoots. Users in European countries in particular seem to be affected by the disruptions. Facebook has not yet commented on the disruptions.

Facebook is currently experiencing some technical problems: users occasionally complain of dropouts and disruptions in the use of the services. Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Facebook itself are affected.

For example, users can no longer post posts, access posts or observe connection problems. According to the reports, the sending of direct messages is also often disrupted.

The main focus of the disturbances is obviously in Europe

A large part of the reports of affected users come from countries in Europe, but there are also indications of a malfunction from other regions. So far, Facebook has not yet commented on a possible technical problem. Eliminating this type of problem usually takes a few hours.

It is not clear how many users are affected, and we cannot observe any disruptions in the editorial team. What about you?

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