Facebook’s fitness watch with cellular network reportedly 2022

Is a clubhouse copy coming from Facebook?

Facebook apparently wants to bring out its own smartwatch. It should be inexpensive and equipped with versatile functions. This would make it a direct challenger to the Apple Watch, which is currently a tough opponent.

Facebook is also working on its own smartwatch. The industry service The Information reportedthat a clock of the Zuckerberg empire is in development, with which Facebook is planning the Apple Watch (Affiliate link) to attack.

With the Facebook watch, users will be able to send and receive messages via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
Interesting detail: The watch should have a cellular interface so that it does not have to rely on a connected smartphone, a rather unusual function in the low-priced segment.

Market launch of the Facebook watch supposedly next year

Furthermore, fitness apps are to run on the watch, with which the wearer can train together with his friends, various sports equipment manufacturers such as Peloton are to be connected.

All of this is reportedly available for comparatively little money; the Facebook watch is to be sold for not little more than the cost price, undoubtedly as an attempt by Facebook to make the watch competitive on the market. The Apple Watch continues to dominate the wearables market, and an estimated 100 million people around the world now wear an Apple Watch like we do in one further message had reported.

A first version of the Facebook watch is due to appear next year, and another version will follow by 2023. However, according to the sources at The Information, there is still a possibility that the whole project could be canceled.

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