Garmin Lily smartwatch for women

Garmin Lily smartwatch for women

Garmin has now presented a new smartwatch that focuses on women with its small design and necessary features.

Garmin has been in the game for a while now with its smartwatches, now it’s time for a novelty and with a focus on women.

Lily has a diameter of 34.5 millimeters, which is a fairly small watch if you compare with competitors such as the Apple Watch, then it is 31 percent smaller.

The screen on Lily is a monochrome one and should have a resolution of 240 x 201 pixels. Other nice features are of course that it keeps track of the training but also that it should help keep track of menstruation. According to Garmin, the battery life should be about five days.

The Garmin Lily will be released in two different versions, a regular more stylish and a sporty version. The goal is for Garmin to start selling Lily sometime during the first quarter and the price tag ends up at SEK 2,999 for the stylish one, while the Sport version costs around SEK 2,399.

  • Smart notifications: Get smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, updates on social media and other notifications when paired with a compatible smartphone. AndroidTMusers can also reply to text messages.
  • Calendar view: See what should happen during the day directly on your wrist with a conveniently accessible calendar widget as it is paired with a compatible smartphone.
  • Security and tracking: Assistance functions send your position in real time to your emergency contacts3. With LiveTrack, your friends and family can see your activity in real time, which provides security when you are out on your outdoor activities.
  • Garmin Connect: With the Garmin Connect app, you collect all your exercise and health data in one place. You can also participate in challenges and share your activities.


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