Geforce Now on the way to Apple M1 – beta-tested right now

Soon you can stream your favorite games to your Apple M1-equipped computer with Geforce Now.

The official app for the gaming service is beta-tested right now and will be released to all users sometime in 2021.

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The advantage of Geforce Now is that you can install all your games from, for example, Steam on cloud storage at Nvidia.

The games are then streamed directly to, for example, your laptop over the internet. It works regardless of computer because all heavy calculations are done on Nvidia’s site.

So you can run new and extra heavy game titles like Cyberpunk 2077 on your newly purchased Macbook Air as an example.

Soon you can stream games to your new Macbook Air with the Apple M1

Not with the same graphic quality as on a super expensive gaming computer, but for under a hundred bucks every month, Geforce Now is an attractive alternative.

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Geforce Now is also under development for Google Chrome. Here, too, a beta test is in progress, so you can not run the game service in Chrome properly yet.

Running via Chrome means that you do not need the official Geforce Now app, but also that you risk losing the responsive feeling that the app has. Nvidia says they use the WebRTC framework to optimize the experience as close to the Geforce Now app as possible.

To use Geforce Now in Chrome or on an M1-equipped computer, version 2.0.27 or later is required.

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