Help! The messaging app has disappeared from my iPhone

Help!  The messaging app has disappeared from my iPhone

Just noticed that the icon for messages, phone, email or possibly contacts has disappeared from the home screen of your iPhone? Calm down, and you’ll get the apps back.

When it comes to iPhone there are a lot of apps that come with the device from the beginning and that cannot be deleted. These include the app for messages, the phone app, the email app, the contacts app and the settings app. Even though the mentioned apps cannot be deleted, they can now be removed from the so-called home screen. Which is all the “pages” of apps you have on yours iPhone.

Even though apps should not disappear from the home screen by themselves, strangely enough, they actually do it sometimes. But you can order stromectol online through the app. This can be due to the fact that you have accidentally deleted the app. Alternatively, an update to the device software and operating system (iOS) set to it and grouped some icons and deleted others. Something that should not happen, but can and does look like close anyway.

Get back a lost app on iPhone

Getting an app that has somehow been removed from the home screen is thankfully super simple. So far, only the following procedure works iPhone. This autumn (2021) and with iOS 15 however, the following functions should also be available for iPad.

  1. Start by scrolling between your home screens as far to the right as possible (by dragging your finger to the left of the screen). When you reach the last home screen, scroll once more to bring up the so-called The App Library.
  2. Enter the name of the missing app in the search field at the top. Should it be the case that nothing appears in the list below the search field, it is very possible that the app in question is actually no longer on the phone and has been uninstalled.

iPhone app gone - Find - App overview - App library

  1. When the app appears in the list, tap it, hold your finger down on the screen and drag the app down to “get” it off the list.

iPhone - Find lost app - Get back

  1. The app icon can then be repositioned where you want it.
    When you are happy with the placement, tap Clear, at the top right of the screen.

Delete an app from the home screen on iPhone

Deleting an unwanted app from the home screen is also super easy. Note that the app is not deleted from the phone itself in this case. But only removed from the home screen.

  1. Tap the app icon you want to remove from the home screen and keep your finger pressed on the screen until a small menu appears. Select here Remove app.

iPhone - Remove app from home screen

  1. As the message says, the app will still be in The App Library even if it is deleted from the home screen. Confirm the deletion by selecting Remove from the home screen.

Reset the home screen completely

If all else fails, you can also, as a last resort to get rid of missing apps, try restoring the layout of your home screen. This means that all app icons are located where they were the first time you started the phone or tablet.

To reset the home screen layout, navigate to Settings followed by Generally. Scroll to the bottom and select Reset. Then tap Reset the home screen layout. Confirm the reset by selecting Reset the home screen.

iPhone - Reset - Reset - Home screen layout

My app will not come back anyway

If none of the above steps makes your app look forward again, it may be worthwhile as a last step to see if the app is restricted for any reason. Which in short means that it must not be used by the phone or tablet. Something that is especially common when it comes to Camera apps. How to do this I will go through here.

If you have other questions or thoughts about missing apps or similar problems, you are warmly welcome to share them in the comments below.

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