How Can You Improve The YouTube Channel on Instagram?

How can you improve the YouTube channel on Instagram

Many brands and companies have Instagram and YouTube channels, this is 2021, and social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram are starting to work together. This is a good time to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business. But how many know how to promote YouTube channels on Instagram. Most of them buy YouTube Subscribers to get instant success. Using Instagram can make a difference in the growth of the YouTube channel, using all social media and forums for business purposes, why not take the opportunity to use Instagram to promote the YouTube channel?

 Daily, weekly, or monthly you make videos and upload them to the YouTube channel but you can use Instagram to improve the YouTube channel. Instagram draws attention, let’s get into it, split it up and start talking about the best strategies for doing it right.

Why are you promoting the YouTube channel on Instagram?

If you have an Instagram and YouTube channel but do not promote a YouTube channel on Instagram, what do you do? It’s not something that can be done, just prioritize advertising the YouTube channel on Instagram. Even if you do not have an Instagram account or are not willing to work on Instagram, go to Instagram, subscribe to it, and add your link to your bio. This is your backlink; This is a free form of advertising, this forum works for you to grow your channel. This ad is free and does not expire.

Put your video theater in the story

I’m sure if you go to a movie to see a movie, you see trailers before the movie appears on the screen, and then you might say oh, I can’t wait to see this movie. Why not make that kind of 15-second comedy or trailer for your YouTube videos? Add that to the Instagram story and this movie trailer status happens to Instagram users. Instagram provides a link to the story and users can swipe up and will automatically redirect them to your YouTube video. In this case, you do not need to talk too much about your video, just add a trailer to the Instagram story and say “swipe up to watch”.

Leave the chicken

Ridicule often comes at a cost. You can mention your YouTube videos in the post or story. My recommendation here is to leave the hook, something people want to know. For example, I know a page where the owner did not disclose his name. The page is amazing, its content is great but no one really knows who you really are. He recently made a YouTube video and put a link to the story and said, in this video, I said it all about me. Many people out of curiosity went to his station and joined him.

 Before you upload a video to Instagram, mention your video on YouTube channel such as “I have this video coming soon on my YouTube channel” or “I have a video about let’s say” how to get more followers on Instagram “coming to my YouTube channel this Monday” In this way, people will look forward to it and look forward to seeing it.

Use the YouTube hashtag

When you post on Instagram trying to get users to the YouTube channel but not using the right hashtag, what do you do? Try to find the top of the YouTube hashtags on Instagram. When users search for YouTube content, find it through the YouTube hashtag, come to your profile, and enter your YouTube channel, because you are linking your YouTube channel to your Instagram bio. Here I recommend that you not only leave a link to the Instagram bio but also tell people what your YouTube channel is all about. So no matter if your Instagram account is about yoga or beauty Add a hashtag of YouTube to every post you upload to Instagram, this hashtag leads people to your page and then to your YouTube channel.

Upgrade YouTube channel to Instagram permanently

If you want to rise forever, help users, learn something important, add value, Instagram is full of dirty content. People may swipe your story, go to your YouTube channel but if you don’t help them with that channel. If not, they forget it. Try not to just invite people to your channel, use the power of good content. Suppose you are a photographer, I am sure many of your fans are uneducated photographers. Now, you have two options for improving the YouTube channel on Instagram.

First and foremost, invite users to your YouTube channel with insignificant videos such as “how I spend my whole day in the woods”; you can get traffic but not permanently. The second scenario, “my journey as a professional woodcutter, a way to discover new ideas for photography in nature.” Instagram can drive traffic to YouTube channels and can have a positive impact on your business. Instagram stories are still unknown to most people but not to you, now you know how to use them and you can improve the YouTube channel on Instagram.

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