How Can You Test An App For Free Within 5 Minutes?


In a market where over 3000 apps are launched daily, how do you plan to stand out? Innovations and experiments in today’s scenario increase the popularity of an app, while simple interfaces and enhanced visuals win the hearts of users. What moves are you considering? A business that wants to be on top must be accurate, fast, and visually appealing.

If you have developed an application and are ready to bring it to market, have you tested it? An application should stand upon a variety of parameters, rather than face the harsh competition. Therefore, it is always advisable to run some basic tests before releasing your app into the market.

Here are three key points you should keep in mind before proceeding with your plan –

  • Test on multiple devices at all times 
  • Vary the screen resolutions 
  • Choose more than one version of the operating system

Ideally, you should test your website across various OS and OS versions available in the market. It is also important to keep in mind that the resolution of an application can vary while working on different devices or operating systems.

You should make sure that the resolution does not deviate from the application’s needs. The visuals should be the same for all customers. We often tend to develop applications adjacent to the newest versions of the mobile devices, but make sure your application will run on bare old versions as well.

Many tools are available in the market for testing your application, but the factor which differentiates one tool from another is how it responds and what its features are. When developers pick the right tool for an application, it is important to know what they are looking for, and there must be a list or inventory you would have been keeping up with. 

Ensure that the tool aligns with your expectations. When you have chosen the tool, it is time to take the test.

The general idea of testing remains the same, it is seen as a time-consuming and effort-demanding step in development. Despite being one of the most important steps of the post-development block, testing is time-consuming. By using available tools, the work can be minimized. We developed a 5-minute go-to application testing method that can save you time and effort all at once. 

This article claims that you can take a test in just five minutes for free! Doesn’t that sound appealing? At LambdaTest, you get your first 100 minutes of automation testing for free. With features curated for technical situations to get a handle on. LambdaTest is one of the best platforms for testing mobile applications.

As you go through the test, you will follow the following steps:

Managing time 

You only have five minutes to test your application, so it is important to review all the categories you will be testing. Prioritize your work so you will not rush into things at the end and make a mess. There is a chance that you may run into network problems or defects in testing, but in order not to slack off, make sure your lists are ready and create a map that you will follow while testing.

Combinations that are clear 

It is important to sort the combinations before moving forward, as it is important to know the number of browsers, the operating system, and the version of your application that will be used. It is important to cover all the combinations you can while using Lambda Test before you start the test, there is a choice you have to make, we suggest you choose wisely.

If you follow one rule, it is to “select all possible combinations.” You cannot miss out on the combination your targeted audience will use, so build a perfect user environment for them to use.

Simulators and emulators: theories 

Simulators create the software setup for you to see how the application will run on a mobile device, generating the same experience as a mobile device. Emulators, on the other hand, do not just create software illusions but integrate hardware capabilities for approvating a mobile-based replica.

On a mobile device, you can monitor the application’s battery consumption, cache usage, and memory management using emulators.

The general question is how both of these can be used during the five-minute testing challenge. The LambdaTest software allows the use of simulators and emulators once you enter the test; it incorporates all the basic criteria for incorporating both features into the test.

Fix the bugs 

It is a fact that part of testing is catching bugs that could prove to be a source of defect or lack in your application. It is possible to fix errors manually or with the help of machines; you can screen record your errors or take a whole book of screenshots.

However, if we are going to complete it in five minutes, we need an approach that is less time-consuming and focuses more on solving the error rather than figuring it out first.

In order to simplify things for you, the handpicked platform below has a feature of rescuing out bugs so that you can spot them early. You can mark out the bugs and save the changes. Additionally, you can share the marked-out bugs with your team to lessen their impact.

This feature makes the testing process faster and more relevant for you and the application. Save your time by not chasing the errors and invest it in other areas that need your attention.

Examine all possible solutions 

After that, you know the format that attracts the eye. Basically, you need to work on the visuals of your application a lot more. Visually, the application should be exclusive, with all information in a compact form, and only relevant information should be displayed.

Don’t overfill the screen with irrelevant or unwanted content, since the screen view is smaller, so it needs to be clear and clean to deliver the best experience for the users. The hamburger menu can replace the navigation bar, you can link secondary information and pages into the menu and keep primary information on the main page. Do not use pop-ups or download advice, the user will not appreciate it.

With Lambda Test, you can vary the many visual scenarios, such as the view mode, the resolution, and the device settings, to make sure that your content attracts viewers. Try out different scenarios to see what version works best for you.

Efforts are being made to improve the user experience 

Just a fraction of a second is all it takes the viewer to decide whether they liked your application or not; the impression and impact that you are aiming for should be validating enough to encourage you to create more and more updated versions and modifications to your website. User experience on your application is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Speed of the application.
  • Response time of your application.
  • Navigation is simple and mapped out.
  • The layout and visuals of the application.
  • It is pumping enthusiast-level content into the viewer.
  • If the application can cancel out all the above-given criteria, there is no way to stop your application from becoming successful.

Conclusion based on experience

Test your mobile application using Lambda Test

Now that you know what to test, you need to know how the test will begin. Lambda Test Mobile App Testing feature is very simple and convenient to use once you understand how it works. Once you do, it’s no problem.

Start by logging in and uploading your project. Afterward, select the combination of mobile devices, the operating system, and the version. In addition, you can host the application locally once or twice before launching the test. Hosting is secured with SSH tunnels, and there are more options available as well. Now that you have selected the combination, it is time for you to begin the test. 

You will be able to test your mobile app in just a few minutes and even communicate bugs discovered to the relevant developers thanks to LambdaTest’s various integrations. You can now make the appropriate changes and take the test again. You can retake the test again and again until there are no better updates to be found.

Now that you know how you can complete your test in just five minutes, try testing your application with the help of LambdaTest. All you need to do is fill in the basic information, and the application handles the rest on its own. Development isn’t the only thing needed. Testing is one of the major requirements and must be carried out before bridging your application to the market.


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