How to Access Steam Using Proxy Networks

How to Access Steam Using Proxy Networks

Sometimes, you may want to use Steam on proxy networks for a variety of reasons. Here is a simple guide on how you can use these proxies conveniently.

PC gaming is one of the most popular ways people enjoy some great video game titles. People spend huge amounts of money to create the best gaming PCs possible. Even stars like Henry Cavill share their PC builds to much praise from their fans. This shows just how popular PCs are for gaming, even with all the next-gen consoles out there.

This is because they are quite customizable, and you can upgrade their components according to your needs. You can get unbeatable graphics and processing speeds, as long as you can get your hands on the required parts. Then, you just need to get good network connections from options like Optimum cable packagesOnce you have all your equipment and network connection set up, then you can move on to the actual gaming. Your best platform for buying PC games is Steam. You just have to sign up for it, and then buy your games from a vast library.

What is Steam?

Steam is basically a video game distribution platform that Valve launched for its own games. Eventually, it grew more successful, and started including games from third-party publishers. Now, it is the primary platform for PC gamers to explore, buy, and download games.

You can find AAA titles as well as obscure indie games on Steam, and can look through their ratings to see whether they’re your cup of tea. The best part is, the platform often has some great sales going on, where game prices are significantly lower than normal.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Steam?

This platform is actually quite accessible all over the world. No matter where you are, you can download the app and sign up for it. However, there are certain scenarios where you might want to use a proxy to access Steam.

Location-Specific Blocking

Sometimes, censorship or licensing rules for certain games are quite restrictive. If you live somewhere with strong crackdowns on the content or where gaming publishers don’t really present their games, you may need to mask your location.

A proxy can help you work around this geo-blocking and access any game you want, regardless of content or licensing.

Pricing Variations

Different countries have different laws and taxation policies for games. This means that prices can vary considerably. For example, Russia has strong laws in place to set price caps on video games. Therefore, there is a huge difference between Steam pricing in Russia and the US. If you want to use a smart way to save money on your games, you can use a proxy to alter your location. This will help you get perfectly legal games at your preferred prices.

How to Use Proxy Networks with Steam?

Now that you know how you can benefit from using proxy networks with your Steam, you’ll naturally want to know how exactly you can do this. You can find a few great websites and apps online to help you get around various regional or content restrictions. Here are some excellent options you can explore.


You can easily download ProxyCap from the internet. It is basically a way whereby proxy servers are utilized to tunnel network connections on the computer. It lets you choose the software you want to run with the proxy, and even set parameters for it. You just have to enter ‘steam.exe’ into it and use the TCP launch option to bypass your servers and get what you want.


You can simply buy whatever games you want from Steam and circumvent censorship and geographical restrictions using Proxy-Seller. You just have to download it and follow the relevant instructions to access Steam with no restrictions.

It offers IPv4 proxies as well as HTTP proxies, so you can see what works better. Proxy-Seller doesn’t disrupt your processor speeds either, so it is a good option for your requirements. Then, you can even play restricted content to your heart’s content.

Proxy Chain

You can also use a process known as poxy chaining for your gaming needs. This involves using your current proxy servers and chaining them together without incurring any extra network costs. Basically, you just send traffic from one proxy server to another. This lets you bypass content restrictions on Steam, and also remain anonymous.

You need to enter a few commands on Linux to make this work. First, you’ll install ProxyChain and then launch the terminal. There, you can use the command ‘vim /etc/proxychains.conf’ and various proxy parameters to edit the file in the directory. Then, you’ll just have to run the command ‘proxychains steam’ on the terminal, and you’re all set.

In conclusion, you can easily use Steam on a proxy network. You just need to follow a few simple steps on some apps to get things done and access whatever you want.

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