How to Fix Network issue on Windows 11

Fix Network issue on Windows 11/Windows 10: There are a few things as annoying as a computer that can’t join the Internet. This article will walk you through the steps to fix you’re Windows 11 PC that won’t connect to the internet or wifi.

Reasons Can’t Connect to a System Network?

Wireless networks are complicated as there are a variety of reasons that could fail. From the Wi-Fi connection to a computer issue, a router issue, or an ISP issue, determining what the cause of the network problem may be a challenge.

The most common causes for the reasons Windows cannot connect to networks are improperly configured settings and physical distance to the source of the network. However, there are different reasons to consider that could be the cause: Wi-Fi is disabled or a piece of software has caused the connection to be broken or the network requires a unique authentication, or perhaps the system is crowded.

How To Fix Network Connection Problems?

There are many possible causes for problems with networks that could be causing network issues in Windows 11, walk through these steps in sequence following each step, and then test to determine if the issue has been solved.

Check to see if it’s actually the wifi connected but no internet problem. There’s no need to investigate the issue as a computer problem even if it’s affecting other devices connected to the network.

For instance, if your smart speakers, your phone, and other devices. are connected to the internet and you’re able to conclude that the problem lies in the performance of your Windows 11 PC and you can carry on with the steps. 

However, if none of the other devices are working, take a look at these general guidelines for when you are unable to access the internet. You may have to contact your internet service provider (or put it off for a while).

It’s an ideal moment to check if the issue is an issue with one particular website or your PC in general. If you’re able to reach Google, YouTube, or Twitter such as, for example on the Windows 11 PC, But the bank’s website isn’t loading.

The issue is with one particular website and not your computer or network. Contacting the website or waiting for it to load are your only alternatives. Find out How to Determine whether a website is down for everyone or just you to learn more.

Reboot your system. Restarting your computer is a standard procedure for troubleshooting electronic devices and may be all you need to fix your Windows 11 network problem.

The fastest way to start a new session on the desktop is to click the Start button and then select Sign out or shut down, then Restart.

Check that Wi-Fi is enabled or that the Ethernet cable is securely connected to the router or computer. This is essential and can mean that there is no internet connection when it is not addressed.

Some laptops come with a physical switch that has to be turned off to allow Wi-Fi. Other laptops use a key combination like the FN+F5 or F2 or FN+F5. The Wi-Fi toggle is accessible in the Settings menu under Network and Internet > Wi-Fi.

You can remove the Wi-Fi network and then add it back. Similar to restarting your PC to start it, this restarts the connection with a fresh base. It could be that there is a problem in the way that the Wi-Fi data was saved in the first instance, or something on your PC has caused the data to be corrupted. It also gives you the chance to enter details like the SSID and password that may have been incorrectly entered initially.

After you’ve deleted the connection go back to Settings and then go to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks Add a new connection to create it again.

Get towards the gadget providing the network connection, if connected via Wi-Fi. The network’s signal can only go to a certain distance, and some devices aren’t able to receive a signal at a distance.

Moving towards the point of access or making it move closer to you as much as you can is the simplest method of eliminating distance as the primary reason you’re not able to connect.

If you’ve determined that this is the issue, but moving your router or computer isn’t an option, think about switching to an upgrade to routers that is able to transmit the signal even further or connecting an external wireless network adapter to the computer.

Select your wireless connection manually. You may be close enough, and everything might be configured correctly however, when Windows 11 isn’t told to connect automatically, it could appear to be a problem with the network.

Go to Network and Internet and select Wi-Fi. List available networks to locate your Wi-Fi connection. Choose it, and then choose Connect automatically, then connect.

Use a browser to open a website and follow the steps to join the internet. This is the norm in many cases when you choose an open Wi-Fi network. This isn’t the case in other networks, just like the one you use at home.

It is possible that you need to verify your details on that page, which is usually your email address and your name however, there are times when you need to verify other information like room numbers when you’re staying in a hotel. In certain instances, such as on the plane, you could require a fee to access.

Turn off any other tools related to the network that may interfere with Windows’s ability to access the network.

Here are some examples:

  1. Turn off the firewall and disable the antivirus app.
  2. Turn Airplane Mode 
  3. Reconnect to the VPN server
  4. Turn off the metered connection setting.

A metered connection is toggled off within Windows 11

Make sure to check the driver for the network. It may require an update or restoration to the prior driver in the event that a recent update has broken it.

The most efficient method to update your driver is to download it on any computer with an internet connection and then transfer it to your Windows 11 PC. Reversing an update that was recently made can be done by applying the update.

Some driver updater software tools can scan your PC for outdated or missing drivers and download them on a computer with a network connection. This makes identifying the correct driver very simple.

Make sure you are checking to see if there are Windows updates. If a driver update did not solve the issue or the update wasn’t needed it could be some network-related bug fix available via Windows Update.

Check For Windows Update

Utilize the built-in Windows troubleshooter for networks to find and fix issues with the network. You can access it through Setting > System > Troubleshoot Other troubleshooting options > > Internet Connections.

Network troubleshooter detecting problems

Reset your network settings by selecting Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced network settings Setup > Network Reset. This will install Network adapters and reset all network components back to their original state.

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