How to renew car registration Dubai

How to renew car registration Dubai


We will show you the conditions of vehicle ownership in Dubai. We’ll answer some questions about required documents, fees and fines for your car along with places where it can be renew car registration Dubai.

How to renew car registration Dubai

What about new car ownership and used car ownership?

When you purchase a new car, the agency will take care of registering and renewing your ownership once per year.

If it’s used though than an individual must register themselves in order to make sure they are still qualified for their license plate after 1 cycle has passed since purchasing it from Kamkars- endorse if needed!

Steps Renew Car license?

  1. Make sure you pay any violations.
  2. Start by checking your renew car registration Dubai, or any other UAE country.
  3. To get this done, you will need to pay the required fees.
  4. When you receive your new property card, make sure it is renewing for the next year.
  5. We recommend you get a poster on the expiration date and install it to your satisfaction.

Documents Required to Renewal Car license:

  1. Cars insurance policy.
  2. The old-fashioned property card.
  3. This certificate shows that you have successfully passed the examination for vehicles.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies are required to follow the same procedures and electronic facilities as available at RTA Customer Service Centers. They must also provide these services through their authorized agents, including:

  1. Nour Takaful
  2. Oman Insurance Company
  3. Fujairah National Insurance Company
  4. Royal & Sun Insurance Company

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Requirements before performing a vehicle check:

The car mechanic will make sure to clean and fix any malfunction in the mirrors, lights or wheels.

To make sure your vehicle stays clean and debris-free, always keep the number plate cleaned.

Start by removing any covers underneath your vehicle.

You should make sure to have a safety triangle and backup frame in case of emergencies, as well as an extinguisher.

It is against the law to advertise your company on any public transport without RTA’s approval.

Documents required for renew car registration Dubai:

Ownership of the vehicle is transferred to who it belongs too.

When a vehicle is imported, the customs papers that are issued by one of their departments will be used.

A driver must have their passport when transporting a vehicle. A Traffic Department in the State will issue this document if necessary, and it makes sure that both parties are who they say they are before any transportation begins!

Papers issue by RTA.

Obtain a valid insurance policy for the cars.

National Identity

A Copies of the Cars license [applies only to commercial customers]


In order to renew car registration in Dubai, you will need to visit the traffic department and present a range of documents. The entire process can be complete within a day, provided that you have all the required paperwork. If you’re looking for more information or have any questions about renewing your car registration in Dubai, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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