How to reset & restart AirPods Max

Normally, there is usually no reason to restart or reset a pair of headphones. But if you encounter problems with your AirPods Max, these are the first steps you should try.

It could be that battery consumption is abnormally high or the headphones do not want to connect properly to your iPhone or iPad.
Always start with a restart, then a factory reset.

Force AirPods Max to restart

  1. Press the digital crown and the ANC button at the same time
  2. Hold them down until the status light flashes orange
  3. Release both buttons

It’s not harder than that. It only takes a few seconds to restart your headphones. They connect automatically when the reboot process is completed.

Reset your AirPods Max to factory settings

  1. Start by charging your headphones for a few minutes
  2. Press the digital crown and the ANC button at the same time
  3. Hold down the buttons for 15 seconds
  4. The status light flashes first orange, then white
  5. Release the buttons when the light flashes white

Voila! You have now reset your AirPods Max. Simple, right?

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