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How to Communicate Your Brand’s Message Successfully using a Roll-up Display

When branding and advertising are concerned, the first preference is always print medium. Even in the era of everything digital, print media has its own charm and being tangible, it delivers a more personalised experience. Although there are many different tools and options, roll-up banner displays are highly preferred as they’re easy to carry, assemble, take less space and dissemble whenever needed.

In the typical advertising and branding world, roll-up banners printing are also coined as fire-and-forget advertising because you can easily put them at high trafficked places, thus creating awareness by sharing key brand messages. This is the reason it adds to your point-of-sale material but, you need to be extra careful in sharing the right information with whatever space you’ve on the banner display.

If yours is one of the leading printing companies in Dubai or anywhere in the world, have a look at how you can build a better brand using roll-up banner displays.

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Clear & Concise Objectives

It’s obvious the limited space on the banner restricts you from advertising all your products and services. If you simply wish to grow your brand, including just a logo with a strapline and contact details is the best option. In case you’re an established brand and introducing a new product or service, simply dedicate the message to that and reveal all your products to a customer on actual visit to your store or website. If the banner is targeted to a particular audience in an event or at a particular location, have your message organised accordingly.

Keep the Content to a Bare Minimum

With branding and marketing, too much text is a failed and flawed practice. Branding is always best with a catchy headline, a strapline and only a few bullet points would definitely be enough to get your message communicated. Viewers usually walk-past the display boards and stands which means you only have microseconds to make their heads turn and that would happen only when you can appeal more via visual content than text.

Most Important Info Comes on Top

You might be tempted to win customers via storytelling and shared experiences but with roll-up banners, it’s only a game of mere seconds whereas human eyes naturally read from top-to-bottom. It means whatever the important information or message you need to convey, it must be placed on top so as to deliver the most even if the viewer wouldn’t read it all.

The Logo, Brand/Contact Details

It’s obvious that branding couldn’t be done without a corporate logo which should be most relevant to the core services while consistent with various other marketing collaterals. You can also include a website URL, phone number and a QR Code Scan that allows users to discover more about your brand’s unique offering, products and services and so on.

A Catchy Call-to-Action

If yours is a new brand, what ticks a person to become a loyal customer or even approach you in the first place? Just having a corporate logo and contact number aren’t reason enough to make conversions whereas headlines and bullet-points suggest how your business can help potential customers. 

There may be special deals and discounts that may encourage people to connect but, even if you’ve a little design space left on the banner, a catchy call-to-action that truly taps into human emotion or pain point while offering a solution altogether can double-up the chances of having your brand discussed and soar sky-high.

The above covers the branding content guidelines but the way you would install, display and even remove it later on also makes a difference. Have a look at how!

Easy to Install & Remove

Branding needs to be smart. And unlike those large billboards and signposts, a roll-up-banner is significantly easy to install. Once it has served its purpose, only seconds are required to disassemble, have it safely wrapped and carry it around for the next display session.

Easy to Carry

That said, roll-up banners may appear huge but they’re quite light-weight, flexible, compact and easy to carry anytime, anywhere. It can be disassembled to be carried on your back, in the car or you can easily lift it up and walk around because between the two frames is just a piece of paper, plastic or cloth; that’s actually the display on which all the information is printed.

Budget-Friendly Option

Branding and marketing are often considered costly and a game of the rich but, thanks to digital technology even in the printing industry, many printing press in Dubai and around the world offer amazing print options and stunning results; all for an affordable cost. When installing add-ons with a simple roll-up stand, it’s obvious of the cost to go high but, as long as you stay with the regular display stand, it wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket book

Looking at all the details above, it can be concluded that with advertising and branding, following the right steps and key branding guidelines can surely boost overall sales, giving your product, services and brand the exposure it deserves. You can conveniently share your requirement with print design experts or an agency offering printing services in Dubai to design captivating roll-up banners via state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

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